Lemon Zest and Poppy Seed Loaf!



Summer is here and there is nothing like a Lemon Zest and Poppy Seed loaf to eat out in the park. Cut a slice and you will find little dots of poppy seed scattered around and a sponge soaked in lemon syrup. To top it off, it is drizzled with lemon icing! All you need now is a glass of cool lemonade!

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Rocky Yellow Brick Road

Jac Says-Rocky-YellowBrick-Road02

These golden yellow bricks are dying to come out of the bag!

Jac Says-Rocky-YellowBrick-Road01

Jac Says-Rocky-YellowBrick-Road03

They look so luxurious!

Jac Says-Rocky-YellowBrick-Road04

Jac Says-Rocky-YellowBrick-Road05

These are my golden Rocky Roads! Absolute Yum!… I have taken the classic recipe and thought i’d brighten them up with a slick of edible gold paint and gold dust which make them look like golden bricks, hence the ‘Yellow Brick Road’. A new take on these would be to cut these into smaller squares and call them Rocky Golden Nuggets – so watch this space!

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Good Old Caramel Slice

Jac Says-Caramel-Slice01

Jac Says-Caramel-Slice03

The sticky caramel is exactly what you need when you’re craving something extra sweet. I think a good old cup of tea would be in order to wash it down, then you can go back for more!

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It’s Tea Time!

Jac Says-Tea-Time-Cupcakes01

There’s nothing like afternoon tea!… These assortment of plates and tea cups were provided by my lovely friend Sarah Papworth. As well as having an great collection of crockery she has an amazing collection of surface pattern designs you can find on her website – please check it out!

Jac Says-Tea-Time-Cupcakes03

Coffee and Walnut cupcake with a hint of gold dust.

Jac Says-Tea-Time-Cupcakes05

There’s nothing like a good cup of tea served in a cute tea cup!

Jac Says-Tea-Time-Cupcakes06

Zesty Lemon Cupcake… Yum!

Jac Says-Tea-Time-Cupcakes09

In the centre you will find the mouth watering Jammy Dodger cupcake.

Jac Says-Tea-Time-Cupcakes07

The good old classic Vanilla cupcake – you can never have enough of these!

Jac Says-Tea-Time-Cupcakes08

The Bourbon cupcake . This is a new take on the classic chocolate sponge and chocolate buttercream cupcake topped with the classic English chocolate Bourbon biscuit – everything is chocolate!

Jac Says-Tea-Time-Cupcakes010

Ahhh… All gone!

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The Red Bike Cake

Jac Says-Blue-Stripe-Cake01

Jac Says-Blue-Stripe-Cake04

Jac Says-Blue-Stripe-Cake03

Happy 30th Birthday Rick! I had free reign over this 3 layered vanilla cake, so I decided to print the ‘Jac Says’ stripe in blue. From previous pictures you will see I usually just wrap prints around mini cakes. As for the bike apparently he cycled all the way to cornwall – crazy! Oh and check out the little ‘Jac Says Eat Cake’ logo on the bike, I thought that was a nice finishing touch.

Jac Says-Blue-Stripe-Cake05

Jac Says-Blue-Stripe-Cake06

Mmmmm… Left over white chocolate stripes!

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Teddy Bear Cake

Jac Says-Teddybear-Cake01

Jac Says-Teddybear-Cake02

Jac Says-Teddybear-Cake03

A customised Teddy Bear birthday cake for one year old Olivia. They didn’t want it to be too sweet for the kids and adults so they opted for a one layer cake. I have to admitt I sometimes like more cake than icing!

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The Gold Beckoning Cat & Coffee and Walnut Cake









Who would have thought that i’d be making a Beckoning Cat for a birthday cake! The cat is made from fondant icing which is the sprayed and painted with edible gold paint. The intricate features were painted on using a very fine brush. The huge cake is a yummy coffee and walnut cake which was coated in gold dust so it would sparkle at every angle. I’m not a coffee person, but this you have to try, I highly recommend it!!

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Easter Egg Nests!






These mini chocolate Easter egg nest went down a treat at a family gathering. Everyone loved the combination of the crunchy nest with the vanilla icing and chocolate sponge. I think mini was the best way to go – imagine all the chocolate!

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Red Velvet Hand Painted Font Cake




Another ‘Jac Says’ trial run with print work. This is a 3 layered Red Velvet cake with cream cheese buttercream icing. I painted the font using inks which was then printed onto fondant paper – I think I prefer my hand piped fonts.

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Red and White Carnival Cupcake Casing

I’ve discovered these amazing red and white striped carnival cupcake cases – they also come in blue, yellow, green, black and gold. I think they make the cupcakes look amazing without decoration needed and I hope to make these my standard cupcakes to order. This cupcake is a standard vanilla sponge with a rich chocolate buttercream piped on. Also check out the cool red bike in the background!

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